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Lockout: Over

Now that the NFL Lockout is officially over, here's five thoughts that have crossed my mind.

1. Teams with a strong veteran core returning the majority of their 2010 team will be in the best position to hit the ground running when the season kicks off. Those relying on free agents and/or rookies may well be behind the curve.

2. On a similar note, I don't expect this year's rookie class to be as productive as usual. There may be some stand out guys, but look for an overall reduction in rookie performance this year.

3. I believe the only rookie quarterback to start in week one will be Andy Dalton - and that's because the Bengals will have no other choice.

4. Mark Herzlich should be an inspiration to us all. I'll be rooting for him to make the Giants roster and then to go on and show the NFL his true colors.

5. The Panthers just paid Charles Johnson almost as much as Julius Peppers got paid by the Bears - so why the heck didn't they just keep Peppers? I know which I'd rather have on my team!